ARTIST’S WORKSHOP DURING 23 TO 25 JANUARY 2014 at Bachhawat Estate,Madhupur ,Barasat organized by Bachhawat Foundation.
Given that the site of the foundation lies in the vicinity of the advertently burgeoning and brutal insertion of towering high-rises in that part of our city that is replacing not only the open greens but also eroding eco-systems, living patterns and livelihood of vast communities of people who are being forced to move further away from the fringes, it becomes important that the issue be addressed as part of the initiative of the foundation.
Through the etching/s and the drawings/paintings/sculptural objects that each artist proposes to make/create during the three day workshop-residency, the above issue could be addressed by them in any fashion they desire.
Apart from the individual works and as part of a common exercise towards addressing the issue, all the participating artists are requested to engage with their additions, within a single canvas which will be pre-defined with an image. The individual artist’s contribution on the image is envisaged to create a collage of their individual desires of recalling/recreating/changing the given situation as depicted in the given image.
The participating artists would be :Arindam Chaterjee , Aditya Basak ,Chandra Bhattacharya ,Debasis Barui ,Sankho Banerjee,  Piyali Sadhukhan (Chakroborty) ,Saumik Chakroborty, Sekhar Roy ,Amitava Dhar ,Rajat Sen,Srikanta Paul,Rajen Mondal,Samindranath Majumdar & Chhatrapati Dutta (coordinator).

Bachhawat Foundation (Route direction)
Bachhawat  Estate
Madhupur, Post Badu
24 Parganas(north),west Bengal
Phone: +91  33 27257051

For further information please contact / or call 9830411115

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